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Insurance Design & Placement (IDP) was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1979 by Melvin Bush. Then a captive agent, IDP laid its foundation as a provider of life, health, property and casualty insurance for small commercial operations. Within a decade, the company headquarters relocated to Denver, Colorado, and underwent a complete restructuring moving to a brokerage relationship with multiple carriers. By 1991, IDP had received corporation status and began to target companies in the hospitality and property management industries.

As IDP continued to grow, it focused on assisting its hospitality clients with their claims and loss control. Clients noticed a drop in loss ratios due to the comprehensive services offered by IDP. On average, during that decade, IDP client’s experienced loss ratios of 30%.

In 1998, Sebrina Nailah Bush joined her father in the ownership, strategic & financial planning of IDP. IDP’s success in administering claims for the hospitality industry prompted them to form to wholly owned subsidiary Desirable Outcome Claims Services Inc (“DOCS”). DOCS is a fee-for-service firm that provides claims management and loss-control services for wrap-up projects and self insured clients. IDP is a certified DBE in both Colorado and Louisiana. IDP is also Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. These services are utilized by partially and fully, self-insured risk management programs.

In 2011, Ms. Bush took over the full-time day to day management of both IDP and DOCS and established the Eastern Service Center to accommodate growing clientele outside of Colorado. Looking toward the future, IDP intends on diversifying into the farm/agritourism, technology, and educational industries. IDP is currently in the process of developing loss and safety protocol specifically for these industries.

In 2016, IDP completed 25 years in service to the business community and graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. IDP is committed to the community and actively participates with the following community and business organizations.

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