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If you believe the theft coverage included in your property policy would cover you if you transferred money or products due to an email or even phone call scam, you are likely mistaken.  Most property policies exclude  such coverage in a number of places. READ MORE >>

Small business restaurants have the difficult task of managing guests who may not always feel like acting like their best self.  Small businesses do so not only to manage the customer service experience but because unruly guest can pose a danger to themselves and others. READ MORE >>

BY ABRAHAM ASFAW Every winter we face adverse weather conditions that can sometimes leave us wondering just how safe our businesses are. You may think you are covered for whatever winter has in store for you, but when it comes down to it you may find yourself hit with a loss that your insurance won’t cover. READ MORE >>

BY ABRAHAM ASFAW The holiday season is a time for people to get together and enjoy each other’s company, whether with friends, family, or co-workers. For many companies, this means having a holiday office party which can allow employees to get more comfortable with one another, boost employee morale, and remove stress from the office environment. READ MORE >>

BY ABRAHAM ASFAW Switching insurance companies can make you feel overwhelmed. This quick guide will show you how to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible with some easy tips on what to have prepared for your new agent!  READ MORE >>

BY ABRAHAM ASFAW When it comes to insuring your business you are investing in your businesses future.  Likely you see your only financial benefits as the financial payout when you have a covered claim.  However, when you have the right combination of insurance carrier and insurance agent, you can see financial and operational benefits long before you ever have a claim. READ MORE >>

Foreign object claims, though less severe, are very frequent within the restaurant industry.  It is also a claim that frequently has some element of fraud related to it whether regarding the presence of the object or the severity of the damage that it caused. READ MORE >>

By Abraham Asfaw As we all get ready for the holiday season, many of us will be traveling to congregate with our families. This should be a time of cheer and happiness.  Be sure your employees understand your policies regarding travel related insurance. 1.     Travel Day Coverage READ MORE >>

Decorating your office or retail space is a great way to bring a more festive atmosphere for both employees and guests.  That said, just as in your house, you have to take care with the decorations to ensure you are not creating a hazardous environment as well. Decorations READ MORE >>

BY ABRAHAM ASFAW EDITED BY SEBRINA HILLARD For some states, Colorado I am talking to you, winter is just a few weeks away.  As you head into this season keep don't be fooled by these insurance myths. FALSE: Your insurance rates won’t go up if road conditions are to blame for the accident READ MORE >>

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