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November 15, 2019

Festival Safety

The season of festivals and events is upon us.  In all likelihood, your venue will have some special treat for the Halloween or October Harvest celebrations and these may continue throughout the year.  Here are some helpful tips to help your event be as delightful as possible.

1.       For any event where food is served ensure that the only individuals handling any unwrapped food items are ServSafe trained.

2.       If teachers are having their own individual parties or extra decorations for home ensure that those plans are reviewed by the individual responsible for risk management or by your agent.  If for instance there is a pumpkin carving contest, you want to be sure that the children are not handling and sharp objects and that those sharp objects being used are always accounted for.

3.       Lights, Christmas trees, hay, wreaths, and other decorations are increase the likelihood of fires and should not be placed near heaters or plugged into faulty sockets.  In addition, they should be removed immediately when they become dry.

4.       As you may have more visitors to your location over the next couple of months, please be sure your maintenance staff is not only ensuring clear sidewalks and walkways and dry floors. But also be sure that they document how regularly they are inspecting the premises and clearing those services.

5.       Should you use outside vendors for your event ensure you have a copy of their certificate of insurance so that they can be held liable should they cause any unfortunate event at your location.

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