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December 12, 2014

Fire Prevention for Offices


Electrical fires are one of the top five causes of commercial building fires.  Causes of electrical fires are damaged wiring on equipment, damaged outlets, and overloaded outlets. 


CONDUCT ANNUAL INSPECTION- equipment and outlets should be inspected for frayed loose wires.  Also ensure employees are only using approve equipment.  You should discourage prolonged use of additional phone or computer equipment, portable heaters, and fans.


USE MECHANICAL PROTECTION DEVICES- mechanical protection devices shut off the flow of electricity from the main system.  These items are crucial in older buildings and in areas where extreme weather frequently causes ground faults or overloads.


DECREASE USE OF EXTENSION CORDS- only use extension cords for temporary situations. Extension cords are not created to sustain long term use. 


MAINTAIN CLEAN ENVIRONMENT- Decrease opportunity for static charge by maintaining a work environment with proper humidity.  Do not keep other flammable items such as files, textiles or flammable limits near plugs or electrical equipment.

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