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December 14, 2019

Winter Weather Safety Tips

From pipes bursting to slip and falls both inside and outside, winter weather increases your risk of loss.  Here are some items that require your focus and vigilance during this season:

·         MAINTAIN PROPER TEMPERATURES- To keep water flowing monitor and document building temperature to 55° F or higher.  Windows, skylights, and doors should be in good condition and sealed appropriately.

·         PREVENT ROOF DAMAGE- Arrange to have all roofs cleared of snow especially where snow drifts are visible. 

·         PREVENT HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS- Monitor drains and pathways frequently for freezing or other accumulation that could cause slip and falls.  Also monitor level of wetness inside due to foot traffic.  Keep wet floor signs posted in multiple locations.

Feel free to distribute this checklist at all your locations to ensure a successful and loss free winter.

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